Our Teachers

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Anna Lee substitute teaches Sea Change Yoga trauma-informed classes at the Southern Maine Women's Re-entry Center and MaineStay whenever she is home from college. 

Dedication to asana practice at a young age shapes Anna's teaching style. At 17, she became certified through Wellheart Yoga 200hr YTT. She has completed Sagel Urlacher’s Yin and Meditation training, Eat Breathe Thrive Level One 40 hour training with Chelsea Roff for students with disordered eating, as well as Intentional Sequence trainings with Ally Nye and Sequencing for Chakra Alignment with Jacqui Bonwell. A love of vinyasa flow style drives her creative sequencing.  Anna focuses equally on strength and balance when teaching, and always encourages students to nurture themselves, work at their own pace and listen to their bodies. She challenges students to find the edge of their own practice and to work there with equal effort and ease. Anna's classes are flexible and often change to meet the needs and abilities of the students in the room. Anna is currently a junior at The University of Colorado in Boulder, CO, where she is majoring in Psychology. 


How did you discover yoga?

When I was fifteen I developed a life threatening eating disorder. During my recovery I discovered yoga. I had never practiced before, and yoga was my unexpected life raft. Practicing yoga gave me my spirit back and enabled me to live in my body without pain every day. My practice empowered me to the point where I was able to look around and see others' struggles. Yoga has given me a way to help others after it helped me to heal myself. This powerful practice has given me the serenity and peace in my own body that I craved so much during my illness. As a teacher, my goal is to spread this peaceful embodiment to others.