We are pleased to highlight Lila East End Yoga as our summer Featured Studio Partner!

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Lila has been a generous partner of Sea Change Yoga, and we are pleased to share a little about their beautiful offerings. Lila East End Yoga studio is located at 251 Congress Street in Portland. Lila East End Yoga, and studio owner Genell Huston, will be extending their offerings of innovative yoga and Ayurvedic wellness to the West End at Good Medicine Collective. Lila teachers will share the powerful medicine of breath and mindful movement, that may begin on the mat, but will continue to empower us as we move and live more consciously through our days.

Lila opens the doors to everybody, offering classes 7 days a week - ranging from exploring foundational forms to exploring movements weaving in more complexity. There are both yang (active and focused on muscles and bones and mind) and yin (quieting and focused more on tissues and reflective mind). They offer private sessions and yoga retreats, including upcoming retreats at Hurricane Island, Costa Rica, and Iceland. Check out their workshops and teacher trainings as well.

Lila is excited to partner with the Love Your Brain organization, to offer yoga to people who have experienced traumatic brain injury (including concussion). This summer, Lila will begin their first Love Your Brain FUNDamentals series for both those who have experienced traumatic brain injury and their caregivers. This first series is SOLD OUT, but will be held four times a year in January, April, July, and October at Good Medicine. Check Lila’s website and social media for info on the fall series.

An eco-friendly studio, the Lila team is rooted in these beliefs:

  • We all come to this space whole & enough 

  • We are all students; we are all teachers… may we all be teachable 

  • We are all connected by the breath; the breath is our life force

  • Yoga is for everybody

  • The practice of yoga is healing medicine for ourselves and our communities 

  • Yoga helps us remember our innate connection and relation to all things

  • We value the fullness of life’s experiences; the lila of life, seeing the joy, play, and heart in all things.

On behalf of the students Sea Change Yoga can serve thanks to the support from our local yoga studios, we extend deep gratitude to the team at Lila East End and Lila West Yoga for their support of our mission!

Interested in being a Featured Studio Partner by supporting Sea Change Yoga's mission? Here's a link to more info