Sea Change Yoga brings the healing power of trauma sensitive yoga & meditation to all. Teaching in residential treatment facilities, community recovery centers & correctional institutions.

Our Mission

We are a growing movement of community action yogis dedicated to bringing the healing power of yoga to those who have experienced trauma, who are under served & marginalized and in need of these tools of transformation. We believe in the dignity and worth of every human being, and strive to promote self-awareness, self-respect & self-mastery. Our approach to trauma sensitive yoga combines equal measures of patience, compassion & gentleness. We treat each individual as a whole regardless of social status and past trauma history. Through our approach to trauma sensitive yoga we engage the participant to experience the present moment, take effective action, create rhythms, & make choices within their practice.  We have found that through this approach of taking ownership of choices while on the mat, students are better able to make choices off the mat.

Through dialogue, the teacher-of-the-students-of-the-teacher cease to exist and the new term emerges: teacher-student with students-teachers. The teacher is no longer merely the-one-who-teaches, but one who is taught in dialogue with the students, who in turn while being taught also teach. They become jointly responsible for a process in which all grow.
— Paulo Freire, Pedagogy of the Oppressed


  • Portland Recovery Community Center, Portland, Maine.
  • McCauley House, Portland, Maine.
  • Milestone, Old Orchard Beach, Maine.
  • Mainestay, Portland, Maine.
  • Longcreek Youth Development Center, South Portland, Maine.
  • Esther House, Saco, Maine.
  • Women's Reentry Center, Windham, Maine.
  • Maine Correctional Center, Windham, Maine.