Sea Change Yoga brings the healing power of trauma-informed yoga & meditation to all. Teaching in residential treatment facilities, community recovery centers & correctional institutions.

Sea Change’s mission is to provide yoga to all marginalized populations.

Sea Change Yoga brings the proven benefits of yoga and meditation to those who have experienced trauma, are under-served and marginalized, and in need of the emotional regulation and increased physical and mental health that yoga practice provides.

We currently teach twenty-six trauma-informed yoga classes each week to over two 250 marginalized students at residential treatment facilities, community recovery centers, and correctional institutions. 

Our trauma-informed teaching strategies are designed to be uniquely effective for students with trauma in their background. We are modifying the elements of traditional yoga to: 

  • Facilitate mindfulness,
  • Maximize tolerance,
  • Build empowerment, and
  • Cultivate a more positive relationship to one’s body.

These simple, yet powerful tools of transformation reduce stress and anxiety, support the addiction recovery process, help break the cycle of substance abuse and incarceration, and so much more.

This powerful seven minute video shows the impact of our work.