Community Action Yoga

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Who we serve

We bring the powerful benefits of yoga to people who don't have access. Our students include incarcerated people, folks in recovery from substance use disorder, people living in transitional housing, and more.

why yoga for trauma?

Yoga is scientifically proven to help regulate stress and emotions. Yoga and mindfulness offers people internal tools to find balance of mind and body. We believe everyone deserves to experience the many benefits of yoga.

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Our work is made possible by a generous community of people who care about yoga service.

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Most of our work takes place within the facilities and centers where our students live or are receiving treatment. However, we do offer a few more public drop in style classes for people in recovery from substance use disorder.

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Our Misson

Sea Change Yoga brings the healing power of trauma-informed yoga & meditation to all. Teaching in residential treatment facilities, community recovery centers & correctional institutions.

Sea Change Yoga brings the proven benefits of yoga and meditation to those who have experienced trauma, are under-served and marginalized, and in need of the emotional regulation and increased physical and mental health that yoga practice provides.


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Our Impact