I have depression, anxiety, and PTSD, which can make me feel disconnected from my body and the present moment. Yoga helps me to feel more embodied. When I practice yoga, I feel calmer, I sleep better, and I become more confident in accessing my own inner resources and resilience
— Rhi, Veteran, USAF

If you knew what it’s like to be in prison, then you would know how much we value Sea Change Yoga
— WOMAN at the Southern Maine Re-entry Center

I have always struggled with ADD, anxiety, and worries. Since practicing with Sea Change Yoga, for the first time in my life I don’t struggle with any of that. It’s changed my whole life.
— Will, Sea Change Student at the Portland Recovery Community Center

This trauma-informed yoga approach brought to our residents by Sea Change Yoga is enhancing the recovery of the men who live here exponentially.
— Sara Bachelder, LADC, CCS,Clinical Team Leader at Milestone Recovery

Sea Change Yoga made a huge difference in my life at the Women’s Re-entry Center. Being in jail was so hard, but having yoga classes twice a week had a serious impact in my life and in my spirit. I took that practice back to my room and shared it with other inmates. I got other people to join the group classes. The impact of those yoga classes was powerful and it really helped me to transition back to the community when I was released.
— Emily, Sea Change Yoga student at the Southern Maine Re-entry Center
Healing and grieving has never been something I knew how to do in a healthy way. I have discovered yoga is a healthy healing and coping skill I can utilize now.
— Danielle, Sea Change Yoga student at McAuley Residence