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anne esguerra


Anne is a certified Yoga Therapist through Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy (PRYT) and is awaiting her official certification through IAYT. She has been within the yoga community in Portland since 2009. Initially as a Yoga Assistant training others art of supporting students. She began teaching yoga nidra and yin yoga in 2011 and currently focuses on her private practice and support of young adults at Long Creek Youth Development Center. 


How would you define yoga if you had to explain it to someone who had never practiced before?

Yoga is everything! It's how we are in this world with ourselves, with everything around us. It's how we relate to things bigger than us, beyond our control. Yoga is how we feel in this world and not just in the physical kind of way. It is the 4 letter word for me, for you, for all things that exist in this universal light.


What did you think yoga was before you started to practice and how has your view of yoga changed?

I honestly can't say that I remember how I felt about it before I started. I was about 17 when I first tried physical yoga practice and I had no opinion of it really. My view, well I think the first sentence say it all. I honestly can't remember how I felt about yoga before I started. It is that much a part of me now.


How do you see your practice show up in everyday life?

It shows up in how I experience my life. I'm always grateful in how yoga has given me the ability to witness my life. Just like I watch television, I can watch myself as I choose, as I step into my life each day. Even better, it allows me to reflect back on what's happened in a less critical, judgmental way.


How did you come to teach and what prompted you to move from student to teacher?


My prompt was gradual. I started at a yoga assistant because I always felt that communication for me, was always easier with touch, not words. As my path transitioned to becoming a Yoga Therapist through Phoenix arising Yoga Therapy I realized that creating a space where students were given permission to "be their own teacher" became a part of my path. I continue to facilitate experiences, but I am forever a student.


How has teaching affected your life and how do you feel when you teach?

Much like offering one on one Yoga Therapy sessions, offering these experiences have brought me in greater touch we my humanness. 


What brought you to Sea Change Yoga?

After doing the first East Coast training with Yoga Behind Bars, I was approached by Diana and Melea. I've had the privilege of watching it grow into what it is now. Coming out of that training, I can say that most of us discovered a shift in purpose.


What is your “yoga dream”?

My yoga dream...well I think it is more a life dream. Yoga IS everything. It is more than a physical practice or a meditation practice. My "yoga dream" includes everything and everyone. It is a dream where we see all that IS within us, see the endless possibilities that can grow from love and provide the kind of truth we all need to survive: to love, honor and respect each other.