The world needs people who have come alive.

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” John Eldredge

The world feels really busy right now. And also, very broken. There is so much on the news, in our “feeds,” tweets and posts, and yes, even blogs.

With the steady rush of information (and bad news), sometimes it seems we don’t take a moment to think or to feel. It’s almost an epidemic: disconnection. Disconnection is ultimately what brought me to yoga and what brought me to Sea Change.

I discovered yoga in a different way in 2015. I was working long hours, awake at 4 a.m., checking email at 11 p.m., armoring myself up before I entered into conversations. I was hard on myself. I was living from the neck up, on autopilot, at full tilt.

Then I discovered yoga. Through yoga, I experience a connection within myself and with others in the room and across the world. Yoga reminds me that I can come back to myself, that I am my own anchor. That I am love and possibility and oneness. And so are you.

My story of disconnection is a drop in the whole ocean of people feeling this same way. And many don’t have access to the tools and resources that I do. Many people can’t afford a wholesome meal, a safe place to live, let alone a yoga class.

We don’t all have access to yoga. But we should.

We need yoga, collectively, in our society today. We see stories of disconnection and separation every day. Ultimately, change happens at the ground level. And this means, change at the heart of every individual. This is the gift that Sea Change brings to the ocean of people out there.

In 2016, I heard about Sea Change Yoga for the first time. Sea Change Yoga teachers were bringing these healing practices to people at their most vulnerable. For many, physical and emotional safety has been missing. For some, their own bodies didn’t feel like a safe place to reside. Disconnection and separation has been a way of life. I knew I wanted to become involved.

What I have been witness to has been an honor. And life changing. To sit in a room with people and witness breath deepening, bodies restoring, eyes clearing - a nervous system relaxing – it is truly remarkable. The air in the whole room changes. I change too. Each and every time.

I believe Sea Change Yoga is planting seeds in the hearts of the people it serves every day. I believe Sea Change is exactly what the world needs right now. “The world needs people who have come alive.” Come. Alive.

Be a part of Sea Change Yoga. And please join me with a donation to Sea Change this “Giving Tuesday.”


Anne Davis, Board President

Megang Elliott