Yogathon FAQ’s

Hi there! Questions about the event or the peer to peer fundraising process? Below are answers to some FAQ’s. Don’t find the info you need here? Email We are grateful for your participation and here to help with your fundraising efforts!

How do I sign up for Yogathon?

Yay! We are so grateful for your participation! The first step is to REGISTER to participate in Yogathon. You’ll be asked to submit a $25 registration fee, which will be applied toward your fundraising goal (minimum goal is $199). After you register, you’ll be prompted to create your peer to peer fundraising page.

I want to help fundraise, but I’m not able to attend the event on March 31.

Thank you! You can definitely create a fundraising page and share with your friends and family,. No worries about meeting the minimum goal if you won’t be attending. :-)

I’m worried about my physical stamina at such a long yoga event.

Please don’t worry about this! The four amazing teachers that we have lined up will each lead a different type of yoga, including a gentle, more restorative flow. And of course, you are welcome to rest on your mat or take a break at any point! This is an all levels, all abilities event!

Do I have to be on a fundraising team?

You do not have to be on a fundraising team to participate in Yogathon! Individual participants are encouraged. If you want to create or join a team, you can do so in your fundraising toolkit after your fundraising page is created.

How do I personalize my fundraising page?

Click on the ‘toolkit’ button on your fundraising page (powered by to edit text, photos, etc. on your personal fundraising page. The toolkit also offers easy ways to share your fundraiser on social media, via email, and more.

How do I edit my fundraising team (add members, change team goal, etc.)?

All editing for your fundraiser happens in the ‘toolkit’. After clicking toolkit, look at the bottom of your screen and you’ll see a button to edit your team. If you create a team, your team goal gets automatically set to $1,000. You can certainly change that, but please be sure your team goal takes the $199 individual goal into account. :-)

What happens if my fundraising page doesn’t raise the minimum amount of $199?

Actually, after your $25 registration fee is applied to your goal of $199, you’ll have $174 more to raise to meet the minimum goal. We are here to help you reach your goals! Share with family and friends, and hopefully you’ll meet (or surpass) your fundraising goal quickly (if 8 friends gave $10-$20, you’d meet your goal quickly)! The idea of this peer-to-peer style fundraiser event is that if we all contribute a little, we can collectively make a huge impact. You can continue to fundraise until April 30th (one month after Yogathon). If there is a remaining balance on your $199 goal on the day of the event (March 31, 2019), you can either pay the remainder at the event or continue to fundraise until April 30th. :-)

I want to set a goal that is higher than the $199 minimum amount. Is that ok?

Yes Yes Yes! We are beyond grateful for your dedication to supporting our yoga service mission. Aiming high helps us serve more people!